Friday, October 14, 2011

Nuttin But Stringz!!!

i will be using English in my upcoming posts in my me..:) okay peeps, for your information, i have a lot of America Got Talent Videos stored inside my laptop...what i mean by a lot is..... 23 GIGABYTES......kill me if you want..but i will not give up my collections to you all it a bit cheesy i called all of you peeps..??i am sorry if i offend all of u peeps in sort of ways, but it is me..the real me...So Beat It..ok let cut to the chase and go straight to the SUbJect...the stunts were divided by several categories but today i want to share with all of you about this amazing talent that is now can be GoogleSearchable as Nuttin' But Stringz'

..they are fabulous...and i admire their skills of playing my favourite musical instrument which is violin...screw me..but i think i'm in lov with them although i am clearly stating that i am not a GAY PERSON...all of you should get to know the because they are great and talented although they are from the suburbs...they are not some old-greasy-man-playing-violin but they are muscular-man-playing-violin...
isn't that what women want..??i admire talents that have not been acknowledge yet and they use their own efforts to make themselve to be recognised..compared to those that is rich and use their money to make them is not is just a bunch of money been spent on a bunch of scrap..using their sexual attractions to sell their masterpiece..ok..get right back to the subject...i Love NUttin' But Stringz!!!!... try to hear their music here peeps..