Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Art Of Seduction:Woman Version

How A Wife Can Seduce Her Husband.

There are certain times that a husband got "jumped"..

  • When breastfeeding their children, a mom is always sexy.
  • After a shower, when they flip their wet hair.
  • When they have sore throat, their voice is very sexy
  • When his wife clothes "accidentally" torn apart
  • When they wear silk-made clothes, the contact of the fabrics to the skin is very "tickling"
  • After a shower,*again when the steam from their hot shower covers their body....pffttttt..*nosebleed

  • When they wear Red clothes, red is seduction
  • When they put the correct amount of perfume, not to much, not too few.

The Red Kebaya

The Match Of The Week:Manchester United vs Liverpool

Will tonight game be intresting..or could it ended with goalless to both teams??...personally i adore Manchester United thn Liverpool.It is obvious they have much better player although they are quite old..but what..?? Age does not determine their quality of dribbling nor scoring some goals.Glory MAnchester United!!!!!wooohooooooo~~~Liverpool Fans, don't banned me..i also like team Liverpool , but when it comes to this two clubs duelling with each other, i choose Manchester United!!

My Prediction:


I am not being biassed..just stating the facts..Good Luck To Liverpool keeper tonight.!!Astalavista..!!