Friday, October 14, 2011

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr

What is it about him i totally fanatise..????
  1. He is a man that have Frank Sinatra's like voice.
  2. He doesn't know that he is so good in singing.
  3. He chews gum during his America Got Talent Audition.
  4. He took out the gum outside his mouth and place it inside his clothes.
  5. He wows the judges.
  6. It is his first ever audition
Want to know his journey from a regular car washer to a phenomenal artist..??
let me give all of you peeps a glance of his route to the beginning, he was being compromised by all of the audience for being  is his first audition is as he know proper way to be is just like a man that dont know how to make love to his wife...isn't that right..??i am not trying to make this post a little bit hooky, just a little teaser..;)

right after the audition, all the judges couldn't believe what they are hearing....and the first question come out from their mouth is
"are you miming..??"
he replied.."i am not, that is my real voice"

from there, we can see that the judges are being a judge-a-book-by-its-cover person...they presume that a man that that is not properly attire wold never have such wonderful voice..but i give them credits for giving Landau Eugene Murphy Jr the road to success..i love to see people to get their wake up realising that outer appearance is nothing compared to their spritual grace because spiritual grace has no expired date..

watch his video here peeps!!
spoiler alert: He wins the American Got Talent 2011
just being courteous to all of you..:)