Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman The Dark Knight Rises-Awesome or Not?

"Batman is the movie of the year"
"Batman is Epic"
"I wanna see Batman over and over again"
"Hazroul is Cute"
"Anne Hatheway is so hot in Batman The Dark Knight Rises"
"There's gonna be a sequel, "Robin"
"I hold my pee while seeing the movie "The Dark Knight Rises"

There's many comment I oftenly heard.Don't know which movie?You are a loser.

But there's some illogical scene in this movie, "illogical" for a smart and strong man like Bruce Wayne to be.

 At the Prison-The Hell
Bruce must be able to think a way to escape the prison at his first try, if he thought of building a bridge first rather than jumping recklessly from one "batu" from another, he will be able to escape faster. 

He must firstly brought a wooden planck with him, and then build a small bridge.

A man with his charisma must be able to think of that.hehe.By the way the motorcycle that Batman rode is so awesome.

Bane is so Awesome and heartless until he falls in love with Miranda Tate a.k.a the head of the villain in this movie.Then, all it's viscous character went flushed down to the toilet.Oh dam.

Before this post ends, I hope to see Catwoman and Batman have a child and the making of a new sequel entitled Batcat.