Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indoor Games!!

Old Times Indoor Games#1

Nowadays, we have rubic cube,iPad,iPhone and cmputer games.But "THEY" are more intresting,cheap and no need for ELECTRICITY...!!


The Spinning Rubber a.k.a Mini Beyblade

Just need a rubber and a lead.Break the lead into smaller partion and implant it at the centre of the rubber.Then, spin the rubber.The rubber that stops last, WIN!!

The Power Card.

Just need a bunch of card.Those who have card with higher power will win.But we know that who owns the most powerful card will win.There will always be only ONE card that have the highest power.That's the trick.:)

The boat

Just need a paper boat and drain.It's is much fun if it is raining.The water will become much faster and it will be exciting!!Those who get to the finish line first wins!!

The Football In Paper

Just need two goal made of paper n players made of hard boxes.The ball can be made by chalks or the aluminium foil in a ciggarette box*the gold or silver one tuh..But all the time in the game, it will always be only on shot,from behind your goal to the opponent goal.The other player is just decoration or as defender..

The Rubber Duel

Just need 2 Rubber, the winner can take the loser's rubber.No description available because it is a simple game.

The Ceper

Just need 5 bottle caps.Make sure that it is clean.Firstly we "timbang" and then we play like the picture above.There is many specific words in this game like "jamban","bunga","garip" and many more.Whenever we want to hold the game, we will say "tuit".How cute we are back in those days..:)