Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Glimpse Of Yesterdays~~

I love to remind people about their childhood.Let have a sneak peek what we had those days.

This is what we used to call "mesin tikam".We will usually see these things in the grocery store.What we need is just at most least RM 0.20 cent coin.Let see what can we get with certain coins.
  • RM 0.20-Rings and a small gasing
  • RM 0.50-Small doll and a fake dracula teeth
  • RM 1.00-A bigger doll and a small watch
  • RM 2.00-A beyblade or a "cartoon figure in a ball"

Lets move to the next item which is the sticker book.We used to love this thing,Spending almost all of our money to buy the stickers.The mission is simple.To complete the sticker book!!!For your information, i NEVER EVER completed the sticker book.Because when i almost done with it, my little brother will torn the book apart.Damn!.To complete the book, we need stickers.The sticker cost is RM 0.30 per packet.

Next item pleaaasssseee!!!!!!!

Ice cream "batang"
It is an ice cream that can be RIppEd Apart into two!Extreme isn't it..??It is cheap and costs only  RM 0.20.But this ice cream what makes a couple more romantic.The boy will a give a part of this ice cream and give it to The girl like giving a part of HIS HEART TO HER.

Last off all is The Amazing Crush Gear!!!!The boys love it.They love the crushing action.Crush sangatlaahhh...haha..When we were small kids, we assume that all the action in the cartoon on the television is real.So am i................................................Damn!kena tipu!