Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I Met Your Hijab.

Is  It A Phenomena Or Just A Disease..??Come On Man, Think!!
Let Me Tell You The Story How I Met Your Hijab..

I was wandering around my University and suddenly my eyes were attached to one person..A GIRL!!!
That gal is very beautiful..well she have nice skin but there's something else about her that i dislike..
Her Style On Her Hijab!!!..
It's kind of bit too messy for us, men to see....with the spinning and twirling here and there..and there again...haha...
We do learn that in Islam there is a concept about versatility....
But there's a limit to the concept...we can do whatever style to your hijab if we still preserve the aurat.
I have interview some subject..
"It is fashion, if i don't do it, they will say that i am not up-to-date"
"It is more easy to wear like this than the ordinary style"..they say something about the amount of pin..i don't know..haha

That are the common answers i got... 
There are also danger when they spin their hijab off..
The threat of SUFFOCATING!!!!
iF they suffocate, i am gladly to help them by doing CPR..
Want me do the CPR..??You better don't..!!!
But, we must give them credits for at least wearing a hijab..:)
We can do this if we preserve our aurat and not sex appealing...


mazerq said...

perli ke?

Mohd Hazroul said...

mane ader..haha..ini umum..maa..follow laaa blog aq..:)

Mohd Hazroul said...
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