Sunday, October 16, 2011

Express Your Own TAlent


Do we need exams..??Exam make people who can't do well answering questions feel bad.It is some kind of docmentation but our minds are complex and can't be read on some kind of sheets.It creates some kind of status difference.Those who got bad grades will be discriminised as fools and nasty kids.Is it appropiate to call them like that..??Those who do well in exams will not surely be successfull in their field work.Because most of them will stammer and fright to death because they only acquired theory in class not skills

Should the grades be published..??It is some kind of honor for some people and humiliation for a lot of people.Nowadays, parents urge their kids to study well...making them to go to tution...hey parents..what's if..they have intrests in something else..??For example, they like to do some motor racing.That does not make them "mat rempit"

..what if, the money you spend in tution were spend on sending them to a professional rider class....if it existed. i don't know..Why keep forcing us to do things that we dont like because in the end we will rebel and the cosquencess fall to both sides, the parents and the kid.